Hi Beauts! 


I know it’s been forever and a day since I’ve blogged, my apologies! Best believe I’ve been working! I’ve honed in on promoting my brand and improving my craft. I have an amazingly dope showcase with Raw Artists coming up! It’s the 2018 Holiday RAWk Showcase December 12th at 7pm at Howard Theater in DC. All the arts in one space, everybody is receiving an invite.  This is an amazing opportunity & I can’t put into words how excited I am! You can purchase tickets here: rawartists.org/sadreshasade 


As 2019 approaches, I reflect on 2018 full of pain, happiness & growth. I found myself, discovered my purpose, realized my worth and kindly cut off those who no longer served a purpose in my life. The latter being one of the hardest to come to terms with, but it’s no comparison to the freedom I feel today. One of the greatest things I took from this year, knowledge is freedom. Once you know there’s no turning back to naïveté. I stepped into myself this year like FORREAL FORREAL. I found my purpose, my passion... my reason to wake up every morning and you know what’s so beautiful about this?! It’s eternal. I will always have something to work for, improve on, to explore. The options are endless, everything is & can be an opportunity for growth. Emphasis on the word can, not every opportunity is worth the investment and that’s okay. I have agency when it comes to this. And with experience I can grow in that too. 


So again, get your tickets! You don’t want to miss this event!! As always, Stay Boujee and Carefee✨💕 

Sade Killingsworth