2019 I See You Sis!

So let’s reflect...

2017- Acceptance of my Reality & the Grind. What that meant for me. Accepting the necessities to build space & comfort for my late 20 something self.  I had to make room for the woman I was becoming.

2018- My Spirit & Relationships were tested. Most of all a goal for the year was to learn how to say no, and I can honestly & truly say I’ve begun to learn & practice that. It’s beautiful & freeing for a recovering people pleaser like me. I found my purpose in this life. I tried new things. It’s true what they say, your destiny lies a foot outside your comfort zone. Taking that one step is one of the hardest & most rewarding things ever. 

2019- I will tap into myself, exercise my intuition. And just plain exercise. Lol. Build on my craft and purpose. Meditate & Manifest. That’s what I want to master this year. Meditation & Manifestation. I am fully devoted to myself like I’ve never been before and it’s beautiful. I’m ready. I took a few detours along the way, all of which were necessary because each one taught me something. Some in the most gruesome ways possible. The greater the adversity, the greater the growth. 


I dare are you to challenge yourself this year. Speak the impossible even if your voice shakes. You will break barriers. You will out do yourself again and again just to push yourself even more.   

I look back with tears welling in my eyes. I did it when I felt in my gut I couldn’t. I healed “beyond repair.” I am enough, more than enough. Worthy.  Great. A barrier breaking boss ass biihhhh. And I dare you to tell me different. Be great this year.


And most of all,

Stay boujee & Carefree💕✨ 



Sade Killingsworth