Blessings & Growth

Hey beauts! What’s shapoppin’ what’s good??


So I’ve been doing a LOT lately it’s been mad exciting and maddd inspiring! We did somethangssss that brought me guidance and insight on my purpose in this life. Mann. I’m beyond grateful. Hopefully you’ve seen sneak peeks on my Instagram. Be sure to check out my portfolio for some of those. OH! andddd follow the awesome people I collaborated with! Like duh😏

Sooo what are we doing? Growing, consistently growing in my life, my spirituality and my craft. It’s a process, it’s not all “pretty” but finding the beauty in the untraditional, the ugly, the unideal... now that’s something. Speaking of Ugly have you listened to DUCKWRTH new mixtape... it’s an Xtra Ugly Mixtape so yeah go experience that. You’re welcome 😏. If you ever wondered how my brain works, this is it... yup just like a rifoff outta pitch perfect.

Damn damn damn damn *sorry mommy* just saw the finest dark chocolate man ever Lordt. Like that man was FINE fine. This is like the fourth fine black man I done seent today... okay I’m done. But, Universe I need answers?!

Also my favorite season is here!!! All the boots, sweaters and scarves my little heart desires🤗 and there’s nothing like fall colors😩 We all know the weather is so unpredictable so I’m sure we’ll still have summer days scattered in between. It just means I’ll be checking the forecast every morning which I should be doing anyway. What’s your favorite season? Why? Let me know!

I know this post was alll over the place, so if you made it this far, thank you😊. As always stay boujee and carefree my loves💕

Sade Killingsworth